"The Original Greedy Dog Bowl"

The first and best
Anti bloat bowl
Anti gulp bowl
Slow feed time bowl

That stops dogs bolting food. Aids digestion. Reduces the risk of gastric disorders.

dog bowlgobblenot bowl


Please email or phone your order to sales@gobblenot.com or phone 01442 865408 and for further information.

Gobblenot dog bowl £22

Non slip mat £3.50

Postage and packaging £6.50


Please send cheque or postal order, along with your details and telephone number.

Cheques payable to---
Nicola Cardy
Woodfieldspring kennels
Hog lane
Ashley green Chesham

For Hygiene reasons refunds can not be given unless there is a manufacturing fault with the product you receive.



The gobblenot is a ceramic bowl weighing approx 2.5 kg so is heavy enough not to be pushed around, but the gobblenot grip mat is highly recommended as this adheres to the floor and the bowl, ideal for large over eager feeders. The bowls inside diameter is approx 29 cm or 11 & 1/2 inches and 7.5 cm deep or 3 inches approx.

Please remember the gobblenot is and aid not a cure, it would be illegal of me to lay claims of any medical or behavioral cures. but I am sure you are all familiar with your dogs problems ie; pig ! gastric torsion/ bloat, wind, choking, sickness etc, and I am confident in saying that I believe the gobblenot to be a perfect aid to these complaints, and so do many satisfied customers.



No responsibility can be passed on for breakage, injury or damage incurred. Watch your dog at all times when feeding, especially if they suffer from eating related disorders.


Nicola Cardy is also the proprietor of Woodfield Spring Luxury Dog Kennels. If you would like more information about the kennels or it's services, please click this link www.woodfieldsprings.com


The Gobblenot also serves brilliantly as a Slopnot, for those dogs that that turn your kitchen into a swimming pool after drinking.

Due to the raised knobbles and small pockets, dogs have to lap gently between the pockets and the knobbles keep their faces out of the bowl, so great gulps and cheekfulls of water can not be obtained and then slopped out all over your floor.

So if you have a greedy dog that also sucks up water like an elephant you can kill two birds with one stone.

The Slopnot holds 1 3/4 pints to just under the knobbles leaving a 2.5 cm gap to the top, it is best to leave this gap so the knobbles protrude the water, but a further 1/2 pint could be added if needed.














Contact Details

For orders or more information, please call or email :

Nicola Cardy
Woodfield Springs
Boarding Kennels
Hog Lane
Ashley Green

Telephone: 01442 865408

E-mail: sales@gobblenot.com